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Attractive escorts Istanbul 3 girls settle next to each other

Attractive escorts Istanbul 3 girls settle next to each other

Escort Hakkında

Greetings as

Charming Escort İstanbul. I’m Hale. I am 27 years old. I am 1.70 meters tall and weigh 57 kilos. I am a charming man with dark hair and dark blue eyes. Hopefully the confidence in the word azure has caught your attention. I love myself so much. In fact, I love not only myself, but also flowers, insects, worms, birds, nature and people who know that they are in the same cycle with them. But on the other hand, I haven’t found a man in my heart. By the way, I managed to camp in a beautiful forest of the beautiful Aegean sea, overlooking the ocean. Honestly, when I look from there, I have everything, don’t I?

When I look from here, I am very happy, but come on, I don’t find mercury in my heart. If I want the moon, jump, not a camel, but go. What he does is dreamed, what he says is heard. Well, I will tell you what I expect from men, my miracles. Well, first of all, he pays attention to his clothes. After wandering like Jan and getting into my life, I don’t walk around 16 hours a day in gray sweatpants with my knees in front of my eyes. There must be someone who will share this life with me in every way and make my life easier.

Attractive Escort İstanbul Swedish Chick-like Chick has Everything will do the job. Read about minor fixes. Be strong, don’t hang me so easily. Unless you have a good reason to do so, don’t bother. I like it when men pout. Set him free, just like me. But remember, it’s not a disco ball. Every night at the bar so my heart is not dirty. When it’s night and we’re out of camp, we need to be able to polish two glasses at the romantic table. Because she knows how to caress my soul, she also knows how to caress my body.

Attractive Escort İstanbul

Don’t act like you’re attacking rudely and don’t let them make love. Make me feel appreciated. I know everyone, don’t be in their mood. It’s clean when we sleep in the same bed. Well, if it’s good, kiss well. He also likes to love. Let’s not count the days of the week to be loved like this. I should be able to love when I want to love, right? Otherwise, living together with a man is not easy. As long as we wear it, it’s worth it. Of course, in addition to all this, consider your personal needs. If you lie on your side and say give Hale water and Hale’s hungry, it won’t work.

What you call a man must be true.

What you call a man must be true It must be worth it its weight in gold. His promise must be behind his work. Those who do not reach the due date that could not be responsible for responsibility for his work to keep me on. I will never lie down. If he tries to lie to me like that, he knows the consequences. I shouldn’t think what he says is right or wrong. It must be reliable. And if he loves cars, get him his own car. Don’t let the beach come near my car. Do not underestimate this matter, gentlemen. Boundaries are important. Having boundaries, respecting my boundaries. Don’t live to stay with me like a koala. Let her live her own life as anIstanbul Escort. After all, we are married now, not identical twins.