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Escort Hülya from the restaurant in Istanbul

Escort Hülya from the restaurant in Istanbul

Escort Hakkında

I would like to introduce myself as Hülya to gentlemen who are tired of being alone. I must say that I am ready to be with you all the time and end your loneliness. My name is Hülya and I am 34 years old. Since I have been providing sexual services for a long time, I know how to respond well to the requests of gentlemen.

I want to express that I was impressed by the gentlemen from my warm conversations. Then you will feel good with our hot and sexy partnership. You can escape the stress of the day and leave yourself in my capable arms. So I want to express that I will do my best to entertain you by sharing all my sexual experiences.

I am ready for sex anywhere!

Istanbul is known as an escort and I attract a lot of attention from gentlemen. I have to say I’ll be at my most stylish and trim with you. Not only in this place, but then I’m going to lie down and make you passionate hours again.

I have a passionate nature and I don’t hesitate to show it. On the contrary, I must point out that the one who wants to live together in various forms of sex always returns the phone to me. For that you can check my post and contact me.

I also want to talk about my physical characteristics. At 34, I’m still young. It is very effective that my weight is 55 and my height is 1.64. I draw attention to myself with my petite type and my blonde hair. I feel the appreciation of men and put their happiness first.

Let’s experience happiness at the top!

If you want to spend moments full of happiness, I must tell you that my door is always open. I am one of the escort girls who go to the restaurant in Istanbul. However, compared to others, my style and my experiences affect my status.

You can check out my amazing body lines and bold attitude when you visit my profile today. Then you can chat on my phone number. My warm conversations will undoubtedly make you feel better. Then we can continue having sex and having fun. I’m so glad you’re having fun. So we can be good sex partners. We can even have special times if we meet regularly in the following days.