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Escort İstanbul that lengthens your nights

Escort İstanbul that lengthens your nights

Escort Hakkında

I leave my brief history here for a sudden knock on the door at night. I like to visit Istanbul at night and have fun. If I don’t drink alcohol, I can’t get through the day, so I drink alcohol every day. I have only one problem, I can’t stay connected with one person. Waking up every day with a different partner, in a different place, with a different person. I want to choose this profession, I’ll tell you, I’m a tall, very beautiful queen with white skin, I’ll get a king for every night from now on. Istanbul escort

Beautiful night in white

I’ll tell you what I do, let’s move the scene a little, I like anal oral specialties, I like fetishism, if you like it, I want you they knew I’m open to everything, I’m open to ideas and innovation, so feel free to say what you want, I like my door, if you like it too, I’ll wait. , besides I’ll tell you my true profession, I’m a nurse, but I’d rather pierce myself than pierce people, if you want to pierce me, I’m waiting here. I am 1 in 85 and I am 21 years old. in my most beautiful undiscovered age, I am waiting for beautiful handsome men who will discover me and above all they care about cleanliness. Istanbul Dating Site

Fantasy Seven

If I had to gain weight, I would be a 50 kilo crunchy person. You can’t imagine what I do to feed you. Now we come to our night, I’ll find you first, then I’ll meet you wherever you want, that’s your houses. You can also have hotel rooms or offices as a residence, but let’s go from there, first for good entertainment, then for a delicious drink and high, wherever you are, here is your goal, no, I want to be down in the morning, but my battery will not die. I wasn’t done yet, not even in my normal mind, when I came to the house, then I slowly undressed you, then you. Istanbul escort