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Tüm Reklamları Görmek İçin Tıkla

Istanbul Sıla comes to hotels and apartments

Istanbul Sıla comes to hotels and apartments

Escort Hakkında

As an Istanbul escort who comes to different places and provides all her sex services for gentlemen, I am one of the best to bring the orgasm to the top.

Have a nice day. I am Istanbul escort lady Sıla. I am a girl who always attracts attention with her fit body, sexy and very sexy. I have no stupid boundaries when it comes to meeting place. I will go to the apartments and hotels you want. Here, just talk to enjoy the moment.

I will make you happy by having sex in different places

There are many different places to have sex. I come to hotels as a beautiful and well-groomed woman. Of course, the right place should be comfortable, hassle-free and safe. In addition, I come to the apartments and offer you the most beautiful Istanbul escort girls services. However, I did not experience contact in the settlements. You have to put it in the back of your mind in Istanbul.

No condom conditions in my relationships

Sex is a natural need that must be constantly experienced and must also be fulfilled without rules. I am definitely one of the best in the market to deliver this. Not having a rule like wearing a condom means luckier.

I was always a healthy child. I take care of my cleanliness and hygiene. So we can experience all the partnerships, fantasies and positions that exist in sex without using a condom. There is no limit, it means you will have more fun and enjoy yourself.

I am a woman who goes there and anal and also feels until the end. You can enjoy my beautiful body through foreplay. Of course, in addition to this, I also do cimcif. In this way we will be happy when we act on the principle of mutual happiness.

I’m on the phone

You can make an appointment by calling my phone. In addition to always having it open, you can also choose text messages to communicate. Whichever method is used, please negotiate very respectfully. Istanbul escort lady I must also point out that I never entered into a fee negotiation. This is my red line. Please contact us.