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New emotions

new emotions

Escort Hakkında

I thought about what to do when I wanted to listen to your various fantasies and fulfill them, but I couldn’t come up with a new idea. No matter who I meet, I get ideas and ask them about their worst wishes. As an Istanbul escorts this has to be something I have never tried. 

Last week one of my clients in Istanbul told me that he wants to watch porn with me, I don’t know, I’ve done almost everything but I’ve never done this, it’s very attractive. maybe it won’t come, maybe what we did, we connected the computer to the TV or something, we choose a category. We are gay tomboys or something because I can’t tell the tomboy category if you paid I saw the video I’m also at home with you oral at the same time. , I said it was a baby or something but it was so sweet, he went to the kitchen and came with an ice cream in his hand, I moaned When I moaned, it woke up and came to me, and I was very impressed. , I started climbing on it wet in the ice. 

After that came every fantasy that came into his head, which made me angry as well. He has a very wide imagination and keeps coming to me with many new sexual propositions, expanding my vision with each idea. I can’t help but mention that imagination is great when it comes to getting out of bed. I also wanted to talk about our sex with the same guy on the hotel balcony. One day, he called me, his voice was full of joy again, he said, “I have a very good idea today, you must come istanbul cheap escort urgently.” I went to the hotel he was in, he had a big balcony outside his room. 

The apartment was very energetic. As I said, he came with two glasses of champagne in his hand and told me to take off my clothes and come to the balcony. When I went to the balcony, let’s say he jumped on me, this time he had ambitions to have sex on the balcony. We started endlessly on a concrete walk-through balcony with balustrades and this was my first experience of outdoor sex. Again, it is a pleasant love that will make the Istanbul escort turn heads. I don’t believe it when they say it’s fun to lean against the railing and get fucked, but it’s one of the many things I’ll never know until I try.