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Satisfaction Guaranteed Cypress Istanbul Escort

Satisfaction Guaranteed Cypress Istanbul Escort

Escort Hakkında

My name is cypress, i.e. Istanbul escort cypress. The biggest part that sets me apart from other girls is the guaranteed service of my work. 23 years old girl from Istanbul, cypress, is a real Turkish escort girl, 1.70 meters tall and 56 kilos of Turkish delight.

I am a stone girl with a perfect body for my age. I hope you find me suitable for the style you want, I’m a special girl.

I love foreplay and I always pay attention to my guests in the sessions I host. Since I’m in Istanbul and I’m at the beginning of the trip, I prefer to meet the same people, I don’t want to lose you.

I use 0 real photos

I love gifts, I immediately wear sexy clothes that my guests bring to a visit. . You can be sure that my body will look great in the costume or dress you like.

Because my posture is very hot, you will find that you always want me.

Istanbul Escort Since I don’t have my own place, I provide services all over Istanbul as an escort in Istanbul. . But you can’t host me in the farthest corner of Istanbul, which is funny because I live in a part of Istanbul, Istanbul. I can reach points that take a maximum of 1 hour to reach easily. But I don’t meet in ordinary houses, we can meet in luxury residential apartments and five-star hotels. By the way, remember that not all residences are luxurious, I have not met gentlemen who pay 1-2 thousand TL rent and think that they live in luxury houses. In this case, you must accompany me to the hotel.

My service, which I have listed as a guarantee, is that no one has been dissatisfied with me so far. I always take care of my guests and that’s why you leave me satisfied and want to come back again.

Although my job is to escort, I never do anal sex, that’s gross to me. . But I will try to have sex without a condom with clean and quality men I trust. Of course I would also like to, dear sir 🙂

The time you will spend with me at the interview is at least two hours. I do not provide drawing services during this period, so I do not have one session and one hour service. In my opinion, two hours is the ideal time to start this work. There is no upper limit, any watch over two hours is perfect for me. In my opinion, night calls are the most popular time of many escort girls.

If I find annoying types who speak slowly during communication, I have the right to hang up. Even though I’m an Istanbul escort, I don’t think I deserve dirty words. Girls are girls everywhere, be careful to speak respectfully and honestly.

I love you, see you soon.

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